Control — Hazel English
Slop — Forth Wanderers
Never Going Home — Hazel English
Open Up The Sky — Shock Machine
Last Drip — Jamie Isaac
Shock Machine — Shock Machine
Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party — Courtney Barnett
Shiny Gun — Fraser A Gorman
Dead Fox — Courtney Barnett
Kims Caravan — Courtney Barnett
Broken Hands — Fraser A Gorman
Depreston — Courtney Barnett
Blue Velvet — Childhood
Falls Away — Childhood
Anonymous Club — Courtney Barnett
She Dried — Jamie Isaac
Avant Gardener — Courtney Barnett
Softly Draining Seas — Jamie Isaac
Solemn Skies — Childhood
History Eraser — Courtney Barnett
Good Love — Miracle
The Visitor — Miracle
Out Getting Ribs — Zoo Kid
Bumpin' Bumpin' — Kreayshawn
Island Barbados — Ghost Hunter
Bury U in Kerman — Adeptus
Headhunters — Graffiti Island
Too Young To Love — The Big Pink